Handwoven lace and lavender sachets

The calendar seems to be set at warp speed this year (HAHA! Did you weavers get my little weaving pun?) and soon it will be February. St. Valentine’s Day is just a couple of weeks away.

I love to tuck these little handwoven lace sachets into my dresser drawers and into our sweater chest, where we keep our warm winter woolies.


I don’t like to overdo the lavender scent but this is a personal preference (I find anything that is overly perfumed to be a tad obnoxious). If you like a more assertive lavender scent, put in a few drops of essential oil.

Here is a quick outline of how I assemble the sachets:

I cut 4″ squares of scrap handwoven lace fabric and quilting cotton, machine stitched around the perimeter using a 2.6 stitch length and a 1/4″ seam allowance, and left an opening of about 1.5″ on one side of the square so that the sachet pouch could be turned inside out, pressed, and filled.

1/4 cup dried lavender buds, 1/2 cup white rice, 4 inch squares of fabric

You’ll note in the photo above that I took advantage of a narrow selvedge as woven on my handwoven fabric. I use this side as the opening for turning and filling purposes (less fraying). Remember to clip corners before turning!

Fill the little sachets and then slipstitch closed. I used this lovely handcarved wooden spoon crafted by my friend and Harrisville neighbor Phil Gargan to fill my sachets.

Spoon and funnel

Slipstitch the sachet opening closed using matching sewing thread:


Finish off by tying a ribbon around your sachet pillow. I used about 16 inches ofย  3/8″ satin ribbon to wrap around the little lavender pouch.

Voila! Your sachet is ready to go to work lightly scenting your woolens and keeping uninvited creepy-crawly guests from setting up shop in your sweater chest.

Finished closeup

So there you are. Little bits of scrap lace, fabric, and ribbon can turn into something useful and lovely without a whole lot of effort. (These would make a lovely bridal shower favor, no?)

Off to the loom. A new warp awaits.

Be well,

Kate K.


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