Kitchen towels

I believe that the kitchen towel is the most undervalued textile in the home. We use them every day to tidy our work spaces, to dry our hands, to cover rising bowls of dough, or to line the bread basket. My towels are woven from unmercerized cottons, closely sett, and feature machine stitched hems for durability and a neat finish. My kitchen towels can be machine laundered and dried. A few of my designs can be found below:

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Table Runners

Suitable for the dining table, sofa table, bureau, or end table, my handwoven table runners are woven from 100% mercerized cottons in traditional colors and designs and in a variety of lengths and widths. I am particularly fond of weaving overshot. I finish my runners by either handstitching the ends on the loom or handsewing the hems. Handwashing in cool water and gentle detergent is recommended.

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Scarf weaving is fun! I prefer to use fine, lightweight yarns in my wearables as I find that heavy yarns such as chenilles and some wools can be fatiguing on the body. Tencel, bamboo, silk, and alpaca are my favorite yarns for wearables. My scarves feature bright colors and defined designs. Handwashing is recommended for all of my wearable pieces. A sampling of my work can be found below.

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To inquire about availability or to request a custom piece, please contact me.