Summer and Winter in the winter

Summer and winter is becoming one of my favorite weaving structures. It is a two shuttle weave (unless you turn your draft, but that is a topic for another day). I really like the sturdiness of the resulting fabric but especially love the fact that you end up with a reversible piece. Yes! It is a two-fer weaving structure! It is traditionally woven using light/”summer” and dark/”winter” yarns. See here!

Summer and winter placemats in cactus green
Custom placemats in “summer and winter” using ivory and cactus green yarns

I wove these using 5/2 cotton for the warp and ground cloth weft and 3/2 cotton for the pattern weft. The finished cloth has a nice hand; it is dense enough to stay flat, which I like for placemats and for runners. I did make a few tabletop runners using this warp. Here are some pictures:


These runners are centerpiece size and measure 13″ x 36.” The look is a little less formal than my overshot designs, and this suits me just fine. I also like the fact that the floats in the fabric are not long. Designing in summer and winter is not difficult; it is like playing with blocks! This is just a four shaft design, and it has plenty of visual interest, imho.

Now that the summer and winter warp is off of the loom I am weaving diamond twill kitchen towels. I plan to have a few of these available in my Etsy shop and a League of NH Gallery or two upon completion. Several of these kitchen towels will be headed to a home in Finland (!).

Herb garden January 2020 loom
Diamond twill kitchen towels are underway

Thanks for reading. Do you design in summer and winter? Do share!

Be well and stay warm,

Kate K.

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