Winter Market event and recent weavings

Hello, friends. Here we are, well into the first week of the year 2020. We have had a bit of snow here in the Monadnocks but it sure is a lovely thing, especially when you can avoid driving to the places that you need to visit. I find myself shuffling up and down Chesham Road quite a bit in the winter to do Post Office runs, library visits, and yarn purchasing expeditions, and this suits me just fine. Here is a pretty picture of Harrisville Pond that I snapped yesterday:

Harrisville Jan 2020.jpg
Harrisville Pond as seen on a snowy day

After my walk into town, during which I mailed out a few of my handmade knitting stitch markers to someone special, I spent a lot of time at the loom finishing up some more nine patch kitchen towels. And here they are!

A few of these will be available in my Etsy shop, a few will probably make their way to a League of NH Craftsmen Retail Gallery here in NH, and a few will be with me at my first event of 2020. I will be exhibiting my work at the Bedford Fields Home and Garden Center on February 1, 2020. The proprietors host a Winter Market for local artisans in January and February, and I am looking forward to participating. My husband and I love visiting this garden center; it is perfect for all of your outdoor birding and gardening needs! I hope to put together some sort of “make and take” activity or demonstration for the event. Alas, I cannot bring my floor loom to demonstrate weaving, but perhaps I can muster up something, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

Next up on the loom will be some custom order summer and winter placemats. I will be weaving this pattern in cactus green and natural cottons for my client:

Sage potager placemats.jpg
Summer and Winter placemats (They’re reversible! Woo!)

Off to hem up some more towels and get that loom warped. Thanks for stopping in and as always, be well.

Kate K.

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