Repurposed beads stitch marker project

Hello, friends. I have been knitting for a very long time (my maternal grandmother put needles in my hands at age four), and I just love to knit for my family. My latest project is a cable knit vest for my husband. I find that having a generous supply of knitting stitch markers on hand for complicated patterns is a very useful thing! Instead of purchasing new markers, I decided to make some of my own today.

Not wanting to spend a lot of money (who doesn’t want to rein things in a bit after the holidays?) I decided to have a look in my jewelry box for potential supplies. I found a number of earrings that were missing mates but that had quite a few beads on them:

Lonely earrings.jpeg
Lonely earrings – alas! 😦

I dug out some wire cutters, pliers and some basic jewelry findings that I had in my craft drawer:

Tools and supplies.jpeg

and I set to work removing the beads from the earring findings. I then slipped the beads over new headpins. I used the wire cutters to trim the headpins to size. The jump rings went onto the headpin last, and a quick twist of the top headpin with the pliers finished the job.

Finished stitch markers.jpeg
Finished stitch markers

And guess what? They work great! Have a look!

Stitch markers.jpg
Stitch markers in action

Sometimes it is fun to have a project that can be finished in short order. So there you are. Don’t throw away your old, lonely earrings or other beaded jewelry pieces. I hope that if you make some repurposed bead stitch markers that you share your photos in the comments section of my post!

Signing off for now as I’m anxious to continue working on my cables before the weekend comes to a close.

Be well,

Kate K.

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