Storing handwoven table linens

Hello, friends. I love to weave handwoven tabletop textiles (table runners, placemats) for others and for my family. Overshot table runners and placemats are some of the most popular items that I sell at galleries and at in-person events (see my “Events” page for news on upcoming fairs), and so I thought I’d share a bit about how I store my handwovens. While laundering suggestions are always included with my pieces, it occurred to me that part of caring for one’s handwoven pieces entails storage.

I started to store my linens using the “press and roll” method because it is the same way that I tote linens to/from events. Even though I usually take a portable ironing board and iron to events, it is easiest just to touch up a piece for display rather than attempt a complete press. Too many folds in your runner and you’ll most likely be looking at another round of ironing before placing your piece out for display.

Pressed and rolled table linens!

This method allows you to see many of your items at one time; a supply of linens folded up and stashed in a drawer doesn’t provide the same degree of visibility. I generally keep my linens in a storage bin with a well-sealing lid or in my old college trunk which has a cedar lining. If you’re feeling fancy, toss in a nice sachet or cedar egg to lightly scent your items:

Lavender and lace sachet

If you would like to sew up your own sachet for linen storage or for your bureau drawers, please see my post from January 2020, “Handwoven lace and lavender sachets.” They’re fun to make and a nice way to use up bits of handwoven fabric. (I particularly like extra lacy fabrics for these pretty little accents.)

How do you store your special textiles? Please feel free to share your insights below in the “comments” section!

I’ll be teaching at Harrisville Designs this coming week and am looking forward to it! Rigid heddle weaving is such fun. I’ve been working on a new pattern specifically for rigid heddle weavers, so stay tuned for its release. This pattern will introduce newer weavers to the exciting world of color and weave, and hopefully provide food for thought for possible handwoven holiday gift-giving projects. Here is a sneak peek:

Color and weave on the rigid heddle loom

Thanks so much for checking in. Be safe and well,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “Storing handwoven table linens

  1. Thanks for that storage tip for reducing folds in fabric. I usually store mine in the linen closet when there is room. If I have too many I start handing them out to …whomever. Massage therapist, friends, neighbors. All my shows are pretty much still not happening. Good luck with all of yours. I’m a fan. Betty


    1. We don’t have much of a linen closet in our house – I sure wish we did! Events here are on a “maybe, maybe not” basis. Outside events are okay so far but the weather will turn chilly soon. Happy weaving! 🙂


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