Spring colors

Hello, friends. It is snowy and cold (-10 F forecasted for Friday this week!) but the studio is warm and cozy thanks to the woodstove and a loom dressed in cheerful, bright colors.

Mardi Gras on loom
“Mardi Gras” diamond twill kitchen towels on the loom

I used a jumble of bright colors for this kitchen towel including aqua, orange, lemon yellow, purple, and bright green. It looks like a party! Here is the finished kitchen towel:

More information about this kitchen towel can be found in my Etsy shop listing.

I took it down a notch for the next warp but still was looking to design a towel for it-can’t-come-soon-enough Spring:

These “cool pastel” towels might be the last of the diamond twill cloth for a while as I am itching to weave some more “Chariot Wheel” overshot pieces. I had the good fortune of finding homes for two “Chariot Wheel” runners recently and am completely out of stock at the moment. What is “Chariot Wheel” you ask? Well, here is a photo!

Blue chariot wheel 1

This overshot design is truly one of my favorites to weave. The pattern has rhythm and movement and it is always a pleasure to see it take shape on the loom.

In between weaving projects, I’ve been hard at work doing some home dec projects. After I’ve spent some time at the loom today I have 14 yards of piping to sew. Woo!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.

Be well,

Kate K.


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