New kitchen towel pattern for weavers

Hello, friends. I’ve been weaving kitchen towels for over twenty years and finally put together instructions for one of them. This design can be reworked just by changing the color scheme and the weaving is easy. I think it is a great way for newer weavers with four shaft looms to explore twill and to familiarize themselves with managing a warp with a lot of threads. Here is a photo of the finished towel:

The directions allow for the completion of 4 generously sized towels; mine measure 18″ x 26″ after finishing. That’ s a nice, big towel! I used cotton yarns that suggest coastal decor, but I’ve woven this pattern in a variety of combinations. Here are just a few:

Kitchen towel woven in unbleached and beige cottons
Looks like summer
Looks like Spring

The print-at-home pattern is available in my Etsy shop for instant download and also here on my website on the “Weaving Patterns“. If you do purchase here with Paypal on my website, I will email the file directly to you after payment has cleared.

I’m weaving up some more of these useful kitchen towels in preparation for the League of NH Craftsmen Summer Fair in August. This will be my 8th year exhibiting my work at this annual event (and I can’t quite believe it!).

The sewing machine has been earning her keep this week. I’m not quite ready to share photos of my latest work but hope to be ready soon. I’m actually waiting on a delivery of metal snaps!

Happy Spring and happy weaving,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “New kitchen towel pattern for weavers

    1. Hi, Ann! I was winding a warp during the Zoom meeting and the listening in. The last time I did this I had my video on & the meeting host thought that I was raising my hand with a question every time I got to the top of the reel to wind the cross! šŸ˜‰


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