Weaving patterns

Please peruse my digital, print-at-home weaving patterns. Weave beautiful textiles for your home or to wear. Pattern files will be emailed to you after payment has cleared and include a full-color weaving draft and drawdown, table with “Need-to-Know” numbers, warp thread counts, and clear written directions. Please contact me with any questions. New to weaving? Please refer to my tutorial, “How to Interpret a Weaving Draft,” which may be accessed here:

“How to Interpret a Weaving Draft.”

Log Cabin Placemats

Log Cabin Placemat Weaving Pattern

Digital weaving pattern download for set of 6 log cabin bordered placemats. Intended for beginning weavers with a 2 shaft loom.


Summer and Winter Placemats

Summer and Winter Placemats Weaving Pattern

Digital weaving pattern download for set of 4 colorful placemats. Intended for advancing weavers with a 4 shaft, 6 treadle loom.


Rigid heddle scarf pattern

Highland Hug Scarf Pattern

Digital weaving pattern for rigid heddle weavers. 7.5 epi heddle and 12″ weaving width required.


Checkered placemats

Checkered placemats weaving pattern

Print at home pattern for weavers. Rigid heddle friendly. Weave a set of 4 placemats. 12 dent reed and minimum 15″ weaving width needed.


Lake House Kitchen Towels (Set of 4)

Lake House Kitchen Towel Weaving Draft

PDF weaving pattern for set of 4 handwoven towels. 4 shaft loom with 20″ weaving width, 10 dent reed.


Not Quite Plaid Wool Shawl

Not Quite Plaid Wool Shawl Weaving Pattern

Digital weaving pattern download for an elegant wool shawl, woven on a 2 or 4 shaft floor loom.


Aubergine Checked Scarf

Aubergine Checked Scarf

Digital weaving pattern download for a beautiful scarf. For rigid heddle weavers.


Quiet Study: an Introduction to Color and Weave Effects for Rigid Heddle Weavers

Quiet Study Scarf PDF

Print at home weaving pattern for the rigid heddle. Learn about color and weave effects while creating a lovely wool scarf.


Lacy Windows Table Runner

Lacy Windows Table Runner PDF

Print at home weaving pattern for weavers with a 4 shaft loom. Create a fun and festive runner with a simple loom controlled lace accent.


A note about pattern downloads: you will receive your digital pattern after payment has cleared with Paypal. International payments sometimes take longer to clear. The pattern will be delivered to the email address provided with your order. I cannot mail hard copies of the patterns. My weaving patterns are also available for purchase in my Etsy shop. Thank you and happy weaving!