Berry Tartan Draft for handweavers

Hello, friends. The loom queue for February was all about overshot. It was a pleasure to experiment with multi-colored overshot warps and to work some custom pieces as well. Here are a few photographs:

Overshot with polychrome warp
Orange peel runner in lime

March will be about weaving fabrics for handbags and other pieces for the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair in August 2022. This is a tartan that I designed using some of my favorite colors and merino/tencel yarn and I’m rather enjoying watching the cloth wind around the front beam of the loom.

Berry tartan cloth on the loom

I posted the photo of the tartan in progress and wow! people really seemed to enjoy it and there were requests for the draft. I’ve written the draft of the tartan repeat and you may download it here for yourself. The PDF is 3 pages long and can be found using the Google Drive shareable link below:

Berry Tartan on Google Drive

If you download the draft and find the draft and accompanying information to be useful I would be most grateful for a small contribution in return. These small donations help me to defray the costs of maintaining this website.

Tip jar

Thank you for downloading the “Berry Tartan” weaving draft and for supporting my efforts as an independent artisan.


I hope that you enjoy weaving your own cloth or other item using this draft. Feel free to share your creations on Instagram using the hashtag #berrytartandraft and share to my page with @katekilgushandwovens

Happy weaving, friends, and thanks!

Kate K.

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