Overshot with color; this and that

Hello, friends. I’m continuing my exploration (and enjoyment!) of colorful warps and overshot this month. The shawl that I worked on since writing my last post is finished and I’m pleased with the result. The piece has a has a nice drape. Here is a photo:

Shawl with self-drafted overshot design

I decided to brighten up the loom with some springtime colors next. Here is my variation of M. Davison’s “Snowballs” draft:

Overshot with a multi-colored warp. Looks like Spring!

The springtime warp was on the loom when I had the good fortune to host Windwood Productions LLC and the League of NH Craftsmen at my home last week. I was interviewed in my workshop as part of a New Hampshire Council for the Humanities educational initiative called “Craft Stories.” The people from Windwood Productions were great. I was a bit of a nervous Nellie but the Windwood staff were very good at assuaging my concerns and helped me to feel right at home (even though I was in my own home). Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

Lights, camera (but no action just yet)
Weaving action

I was the tenth and final Craftsmen to participate in the initiative. It will be so interesting to see the finished videos of my fellow Craftsmen and to learn about their backgrounds and to peek into their studios. Truth be told, I had a few “Aha!” moments during the interview process. Prior to last week, I hadn’t taken the time to think carefully about what or who has influenced my work, or how the connection to “place” (i.e. the Monadnock Region of NH) has steered my creative process.

More weaving is underway this week. I’m working on a sizable custom piece in overshot this week. Next in the queue is yardage for handbags. Yes! Handbags! My rivet press has been underutilized these last few months but I have every intention of setting her up for some serious work soon. I call her Rosie, which is a little unoriginal, but that’s okay. I don’t think she minds.

Be well, friends.

Kate K.

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