Twills: from bird’s eye to diamonds

Hello, friends. It is February already. My goodness. How time flies!

My “Four Seasons” bird’s eye twill placemats, which I chatted about in my previous post, are finished. I even managed to weave the “winter” version during the not-too-long-ago polar vortex that swept through New England. (Truth be told, we didn’t have it nearly as worse as the Midwest. I wasn’t sorry that we are no longer Twin Cities residents after hearing about the wind chills there).

Here are all four of the placemat versions:

Four Seasons Placemats

From top left, going clockwise, are the Autumn, Summer, Winter, and Spring versions of the mats. For more details on these mats, you can peruse the “Placemats” section of my Etsy shop.

More diamond twill kitchen towels are on the loom, and I really love to weave these. The first series of towels have a warm, autumnal look about them. Here’s a picture of the cloth on the loom:

Autumn leaves diamond twill kitchen towel on the loom

Stay tuned for more color variations of the diamond twill towels; they are a customer favorite as well as a personal one!

While I don’t have any large shows on the calendar near term, I am looking forward to exhibiting my work soon in Portsmouth, NH. The Portsmouth Historical Society will be highlighting works of folk art, and I will have a special overshot piece on display there. More details to follow soon!

Stay warm. Spring will come.

Be well,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “Twills: from bird’s eye to diamonds

  1. It all looks great! I like the look of the light weft over the dark stripes on the towels. I’m finding that our placemats are popular with customers, too–sometimes i feel like I could just spend all my time weaving placemats . . . but what fun is that?!

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