Placemats for all seasons

Hello, friends. I love placemats. I love to use them and I love to weave them. They make great gifts and they’re a nice way to “live” with handwovens. When crafted from cotton, they’re especially easy to launder. My newest design is build around a four shaft bird’s eye twill design. I wanted to create some textural interest to the mats but also wanted to incorporate color. A simple four shaft twill seemed to strike the right balance between the two.

I really appreciate having a tabletop textile that is reversible! These mats are no exception. While the underside of a bird’s eye twill is not identical to the top, “side B” is still attractive:

I’ve woven mats for “Summer” using a blueberry-themed color palette and they’re currently posted in my Etsy shop. The photo below is “Spring” as the colors made me think of crocus:

“Spring” placemats in grass green, white, purple, and lavender

I have a warp in mind for “Winter,” but I’m not sure I will have the mental fortitude to work on a wintery project while we’re right smack in the middle of January. Maybe I will save this for a sweltering July day….

Thanks for checking in! Be well,

Kate K.

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