Pillows + handwoven fabrics

Diamond twill envelope style pillow cover I am thinking about adding another dimension to my "handwoven home" offerings at summer fairs this year and have been tinkering with cushion cover designs. I've sewn a bit with my handwoven fabrics, and as my fellow handweaver friends know, it is most certainly NOT like working with commercially [...]

Roseland Cottage wrap-up!

Hello, friends. It was a treat to exhibit my work for the first time at Historic New England's Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, Connecticut. While it was a bit rainy during set-up on Saturday morning, the good people of Woodstock braved the elements and supported the event in earnest. Here is a photo of Roseland Cottage [...]

Summer Show Season 2018

Summer Show Season 2018

Hello, friends. In addition to readying our currently over-sized home to move to a more reasonably-sized home, I am weaving in anticipation of the summer and early fall fine craft show season. There are no shows on my calendar for June or July (the business of moving can really mix up your schedule), so my [...]

Home selling preparations. Staging the loom room.

Hello, friends. My husband and I are knee-deep in preparations to sell our home. While everyone faces the same challenges of making sure living spaces are de-cluttered and tidy and prospective-buyer ready, I have found it especially puzzling to "stage" my weaving studio. I need to keep weaving while our home is on the market, [...]

Moving the loom, made a bit simpler

Hello, friends. A major reorganization effort at home has made it necessary to relocate my loom. Again. I just have one loom, a Nilus II Leclerc (8 shafts, 10 treadles) but she is a bit of a beast to move.   Some of the pieces are manageable, just awkward (see above). But then there is [...]