Hello, Spring

Hello, friends. It has been a busy spring! I managed to get some seeds started recently for the vegetable garden. Broccoli and kale are quite eager to cooperate. Parsley is a slow starter, but hopefully she will make an appearance soon.

The loom has been busy since my last post. I finished more log cabin placemats in soldier blue:

My print-at-home weaving patterns have found weavers as far away as Norway, Scotland, and France within the past week which is very exciting. I have a new rigid heddle weaving pattern in the works but, alas, it does take time to work out these designs and get the patterns charted out and written.

I’ve continued to sew with my handwoven fabrics, which is rapidly becoming a favorite activity. (Sometimes, truth be told, an extremely AGGRAVATING activity). I wove about 4 yards of wool fabric in a twill pattern, “Ginny’s Coat,” using Harrisville Designs “Shetland” wool. Here is a look at the cloth:

Weaving with “toffee” and “white” Harrisville Designs “Shetland” wool

I wove a few different colors (and did one treadling variation) on this warp and have plans to sew with all of the fabrics. Here is a piece that I worked on this week:

I am really putting my old Janome sewing machine through the ringer these days but it is holding up quite well. She will be due for a day at the spa soon (i.e. cleaning and oiling — I guess we could all use some of that, right?) but she has some work to do for now, including hemming new diamond twill towels!

Herb garden diamond twill kitchen towel

These soft and spring-inspiring handwoven towels are just off the loom. They’re a favorite to weave. The colors are inspired by my herb garden, which is just starting to show signs of life. The chives are so reliable and are always the first to appear.

Happy Spring, dear readers. Stay safe and well,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Spring

  1. The woven Shetland wool cloth is beautiful. I am looking forward to visiting your booth at future craft and artisan events.


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