New, free weaving pattern to share: “Quarantine Coasters”

Hello, friends. Like many of my fiber arts and home sewing friends, my mother and I made a collection of face masks for our family members and this project generated a lot of fabric scraps. We used high quality quilter’s cotton (not knitted t-shirt material) for our face masks and, being a resourceful northern New Englander,  I couldn’t quite bring myself to throw away decently sized fabric scraps. So I decided to weave mug rugs on my rigid heddle loom:

Coasters on loom


These coasters were satisfying to make that I’ve decided to share my pattern draft. This project is suitable for weavers of all abilities. I wove my coasters on a rigid heddle loom. If you work on a floor loom, you could easily adapt this to a two or four shaft loom.

Finished coasters
Quarantine Coasters

Want to get going on your own “Quarantine Coasters?” Just click the Google Drive link below to download the pattern file:

If you make some of these yourself, I’d love to see photos! I suspect I’ll be putting on another warp for more soon. Happy weaving and stay well,

Kate K.

7 thoughts on “New, free weaving pattern to share: “Quarantine Coasters”

  1. Thank you for the pattern. Would love to know your threading for the blue batik ones. It’s such a fun project to do. Betty


    1. So sorry I don’t want you to share (batik draft) anything that would be part of your business…struggling to find the right words. I appreciate so much the hard work you put into preparing the Quarantine Coasters pattern. Thanks again. Betty


      1. Oh, gosh, don’t worry about that. I surely did not “invent” canvas weave. The threading is in a lot of 4 shaft books, like Davison and Anne Fields. It is basically a 1-2-2-1, 3,4,4,3 repeat on a 4 shaft loom (jack style).


  2. I downloaded your instructions for the Quarantine coasters made with fabric scraps and a Heddle loom. The skills describe using my hem stitch skills, but there are no instructions for making a hem stitch edge? How do I sew a hem stitch?


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