Mid-May musings

Hello, dear readers. Thank you for stopping by. Spring is in full swing here in the Monadnock Region. I have been spending as much free time in the vegetable garden as my weaving goals allow. With the League of NH Craftsmen’s Annual Summer Fair on the horizon, I have been quite busy working on pieces for this 9 day show.

So…what’s been on the looms since my last post in (yikes) March? Here are a few highlights:

Kitchen towels
Purple-y band on the inkle loom
Woven band all grown up and blossomed into a key fob
More kitchen towels
Overshot table runners

Oh, the table runners. I’m finding it hard to muster the motivation required to tackle the amount of hand-sewing that I need to do on the overshot table runners that I have woven. There are currently 16 runners, woven and wet-finished, that are just not done. Sad! Mr. Darcy is a very capable studio helper when it comes to whistling whilst I work, but he has yet to learn how to wield needle and thread. I guess I need to suck it up and start hemming. Maybe on the next rainy day. šŸ™‚

Here is one of the more frequently viewed reels that I have posted on my Instagram account. Here I am weaving warp rep on my new-to-me Schacht Spindle Co. “Baby Wolf” loom.

Warp Rep on the Baby Wolf. Music is “Chanel,” by Oscar Peterson.

The rigid heddle loom has been put to use a lot lately, and I hope to be able to share more about the weaving and resulting pattern for RHL weavers soon! But at this point, things are rather hush-hush. I continue to enjoy the RHL and have been thinking of some possible new designs for the rigid heddle. Maybe a new placemat design? I love to design and weave placemats for all kinds of looms. We use placemats nearly every day at our house. I even have them in weird, non-dining-table spaces, such as on a little vanity cabinet in a bathroom. They’re just very useful.

Signing off for now as there are towels to weave. (And table runners to hem).

Be well and happy weaving,

Kate K.

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