An overshot weaving pattern and a new item

Hello, friends. My husband, Don, and I have dug ourselves out of the latest “impact weather event” here in the Monadnock Region. Our power was knocked out for a while. (Tall trees + exposed power lines + heavy snow = problems). There has been some debate about how much snow we received, but after 36″, who really cares? It was a $*&!-ton of snow:

Digging out the mailbox

I kept busy while the snow piled up since the loom does not need electricity! I got a lot of kitchen towels woven last week:

I am working on building inventory for summer events and for galleries here in New Hampshire. And I have a new little item to add to my collection of handwoven treasures:

Key fob made with handwoven band

This fob is about 1.25″ wide and the band, which was woven on the inkle loom, is about 1″ wide. I stitched the band onto some sturdy cotton webbing; I thought it would give more “oomph” to the item. Speaking of inkle weaving, here is what is on the loom today:

Inkle weaving in warm colors

And did you know that I have a new pattern available for four shaft looms? Please click on the photo caption below for more info about this overshot table runner:

The pattern has been well-received. One of my returning customers offered up the nicest feedback on my new pattern:

These patterns are always clear, easy to follow, and make it more fun to weave!

I was tickled pink to read that! I do like putting the patterns together. If I get a good handle on my inventory goals for the summer I hope that I can work on a few more. There are currently 5 3-ring binders full of patterns I’ve designed over the last 20+ years. That’s a lot of drafts! šŸ˜‰

Stay well. And happy weaving. Thanks for checking in.

Kate K.

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