Lacy Windows Table Runner pattern, my “Head to Toe” rag rug, and overshot weaving chatter

Hello, friends. I made good on my promise to weave something just for our home. Here is our new rug!

“Head to Toe” rosepath rug

I cut up three sets of worn cotton pillowcases and a bit of batik fabric leftover from mask making. We used the pillowcases on our “heads” and after weaving, the rug is for our “toes” so that is my thinking on the name. Ha! It is the result of a simple rosepath threading and after finishing it measured about 30 inches by 41 inches. I didn’t do anything fancy with the fringe; I just tied overhand knots in groups of 4 warp ends and then trimmed the bundles to 1″ long. It was a very fun project and helped to restart my engine after a month of producing kitchen towels for galleries and private sales.

This week I released a new pattern, just in time for your holiday gift giving weaving or for your own table. It is a fun (and fast, actually) project that uses 3/2 mercerized cotton and features a pretty lace effect in the border motif. I selected colors that seemed a bit wintery, but this design will allow you to use up small amounts of 3/2 mercerized cotton that you may have from other projects.

If you’re interested in reading more about this project or to see the other print-at-home patterns that are available for instant download, please click here.

After finishing the rug and the new weaving pattern, I have returned to overshot. Here is a peek at the loom:

Overshot table runner, “Late Autumn”

The colors I selected for this piece are the ones that cover the Monadnock Region landscape in November; gold, brown, a little bit of red and green. This warp was a bit fiddly to thread but I knew that would be the case before I jumped into the project. If the finished cloth resonates, I may try another warp using the same threading. My family has been issuing not-so-subtle hints about rag rugs sizes and colors that would be nice for their homes; I think another rug or two will be in the weaving queue before long.

If you have any questions or comments about the rug or the pattern or the table runner, please let me know! Time for some weaving. Thanks for checking in.

Be safe and well,

Kate K.

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