When you goof up a weaving

I got a bit sweary yesterday when I saw that one of my overshot table runners featured a not-so-intentional design element. My husband, in an attempt to make me feel less irritated and cranky, offered up kind words such as, “Most people won’t notice it,” and, “It is good to have standards.” Well, I’ll see the mistake and don’t feel right trying to pass the item off as a special piece worthy of a family dining table. So what to do?


There are several options available as far as I see it:

  1. Hem the runner and stash it in a drawer along with other pieces that also qualify as “Island of Misfit Toys” attempts.
  2. Put the runner on the top of my loom as a stern reminder about taking care with transition areas in a treadle repeat.
  3. Use the runner as a sample piece for reworking custom pieces in the same design but that feature different measurements.
  4. Cut it up and use it in a sewing project.
  5. Chuck it in the bin and pretend it never happened.

Right now I am leaning toward options 3 and 4. But I’m going to let it sit for another day or two before making any drastic decisions.

Moving on from my pity party now…

I have a new overshot warp on the loom and SO FAR things are going pretty well. This runner has three shades of blue and a touch of burgundy and leaf green.

Winter blues overshot table runner on the loom

Once finished, I’ll be photographing the runners for inclusion in my League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair application for 2022. (Yes, we have to apply every year and supply new photographs of recent work.)

I finished up a pair of knitted mittens this week (holidays are coming!) and I loved working this pattern by Running Yarns Patterns on Ravelry. The mittens are called “Emma’s Ice Flower Mittens” and among other things I liked about the pattern, the thumb is one of the non-holiest (is this a word?) thumbs I’ve ever made. The pattern directions and color charts were perfect. If you are an enthusiastic colorwork knitter as I am, I hope you’ll peruse Running Yarn’s pattern selection.

Emma’s Ice Flower Mittens

Heading off to the block the mittens for now. Happy weaving (and knitting), friends. Try not to let those inevitable goofs get you down! And I will try to follow this advice, too.

Be well,

Kate K.

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