Summer and winter placemats, batik fabric weft

Hello, friends. The loom has been earning her floor space recently. I finished up quite a few placemats since my last post and I’m well into my next project. I’m currently weaving summer and winter placemats for a customer right here in New Hampshire. I love this scarab green mercerized 3/2 cotton that is the pattern weft yarn:

“Winter” side of the cloth as seen from the weaving bench (scarab green is dominant)

I keep thinking of snowdrops as I weave these mats, those tiny bulb flowers that are some of the first to pop up in the spring. And speaking of spring, the yellow and white placemats that I finished earlier this week really evoke warmer days to come, don’t you think?

Lemony yellow and white log cabin placemats

A set of eight of these yellow placemats are on their way to Wales, which is quite a long way from Harrisville, New Hampshire. I hope they have a safe journey across the pond.

You may have noticed that I now have a page here on the website devoted to my print-at-home weaving patterns. Yes! I have four of my weaving patterns available for purchase right here. I hope to keep working on pattern development this year. Maybe a kitchen towel project will be next, who knows?

I managed to eek out a bit of “playtime” at the loom at the end of one of this week’s warps. I used the extra few inches I had on the back of a placemat warp to try out my new ski shuttle with 1/2″ strips of batik fabric:

Blue batik fabric weft strips and 3/2 mercerized white cotton warp

While the above weaving barely qualifies as a legitimate “sample,” I did make friends with the new shuttle and I liked the resulting woven cloth, especially after I laundered it. The weave always tightens up a bit after a spin through the washing machine.

In my spare time I am really enjoying a book that I was able to borrow through inter-library loan, Tina Ignell’s “Favorite Rag Rugs: 45 Inspiring Weave Designs.” What a beautiful book! I can’t shake the rug bug. Really. I’ve got it bad!

Do take care, friends. Stay safe and well,

Kate K

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