Dine at home

Hello, friends. Happy December. I hope all is well with you and with those you love.

First, I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to all of the people who have supported my work this year. Wow! It has been my sincerest pleasure to weave for so many homes and, in many instances, to weave for people who plan to gift my work to their friends and family.

Table linens and kitchen towels are selling well through my Etsy shop. I wonder if this is because people are spending more time cooking and dining at home. My placemat stock is currently low but I am warping the loom right now to replenish my supply of log cabin placemats in soldier blue, wine, moss green, and black.

Along with the placemats, there is a growing interest in handwoven table napkins. In keeping with my “handwovens for everyday use” thinking, my table napkins feature sturdy machine stitched hems and may be machine washed and dried. I have made table napkins for wedding gifts, too, and they’re someone more delicate and detailed, but still not overly fussy.

Here are some photos of table napkins that I wove recently for a customer:

French blue, navy, and white table napkins

Below is a photo of some of the table napkins we have at our house. It is an assortment of designs I’ve tinkered with over the years, including 8 shaft point twills, lace weaves, crepe weaves, and summer and winter borders:

Some of the table linens we use at home. This and that! (My personal favorite is the white table napkin with the rose colored summer/winter woven border.)

I am considering weaving some more table napkins just to see if they generate customer interest. Maybe after the holidays! The loom is going to be busy for a while as I finish placemats and more bird’s eye twill towels, which are also nearly gone! Also, I have some TOP SECRET weaving-related projects on tap for this month for three very special people in my family. It is all very hush, hush. If I am successful with this TOP SECRET project, I will share after the holidays!

Be safe and well,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “Dine at home

  1. My eye was immediately drawn to the white napkins with the red border – they are lovely. For everyday use in our household white is pretty much out of the question unfortunately. The ones that get a thrashing at our place are grassy green with black stripes. Not beautiful but very practical. Not handwoven either. I guess I could do something about that 😀


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