November weaving (and a bit of knitting)

Hello, friends. November weather here in the Monadnock Region has been an odd mix of temperatures below freezing, snow, and, as of this afternoon, temperatures reaching 60 degrees F. It is all a bit unsettling.

Despite Jekyll and Hyde weather and a presidential election that has us all sitting on pins and needles, I find solace in my weaving. (Truth be told, I find solace in anything yarn-related, but more about that further down in the post). Since my last blog entry, I’ve been weaving kitchen towels and placemats. The placemats are my favorite ones to weave. They’re easy to live with as they’re reversible and machine washable:

Log cabin bordered placemat.
Log cabin bordered placemat in soldier blue and ivory

I completed weaving several sets in burgundy/ivory and blue/ivory. These color combos and more are currently listed for sale in my Etsy shop, although two sets have been set aside for a friend. And if you’re a weaver yourself and want to weave some snazzy placemats for yourself or for gift-giving, I have made the weaving pattern available as a PDF download for these as well!

These are the new dishtowels that I finished last week. Lots of twills happening here!

Trio of bird’s eye twill kitchen towels

Now that the placemats and bird’s eye twill towels are off of the loom I’m working on diamond twill kitchen towels. These are always a visual treat to weave; lots of color and patterning all at the same time.

Speaking of color and patterning, I’ve really taken to stranded knitting. Since my first venture into Fair Isle knitting with “Sheep Heid” by knitting designer Kate Davies, I’ve continued working on the technique. Here are some gloves that I’m knitting this week:

Gloves for Christmas

I’ve been knitting for a very long time but, like weaving, there is always a new technique or pattern to try. It never gets old. I’m working on getting used to having yarns in the both hands. It’s a little tricky at the beginning but very satisfying to see a pattern emerge.

Oh, and say! I had some lovely news recently. My work is featured in an advertisement for the November issue of NH Magazine, a regional publication. The League of NH Craftsmen very kindly selected my work/photograph to use for the ad, and I am just tickled pink.

Hey, it is me! Right on page 2! Woo!

Many thanks to the League of NH Craftsmen for the affirmation! This pattern is really my favorite overshot pattern to weave. It is so dynamic and swirly. 🙂

Thanks for reading. Be safe and well, friends.

Kate K.

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