Autumn weavings

It is officially Autumn according to the calendar, but it has felt this way for quite some time here in Harrisville. The woodstove has been up and running to take off the chill of frosty mornings. The vegetable gardens have been put to bed. But then there are the Concord grapes. See here!

Concord grapes = jam + juice + Don’s Concord grape margaritas

There has been a fair amount of loom activity since my last post. I’ve done some fingertip towels with simple lace borders, more waffleweave dishcloths, and a tartan shawl. The tartan shawl was a particularly meaningful project for me. My Dad found a tartan for my mother’s maternal line. We conspired to keep the project from my mother so that we could surprise her with the piece. I used Colrain Lace (Valley Yarns) to weave the shawl, which is a Merino/Tencel blend, sett at 16 epi. I really liked working with this yarn and the results offered up a cloth with a light, soft, smooth feel and a nice drape. Here are a few photos of the weaving on the loom and of the finished piece:

This week I am working on a new kitchen towel. It is a 6 shaft twill design (straight and point twills). I haven’t removed this cloth from the loom yet; it will be interesting to see how the cloth feels after it is laundered. Here is a sneak peek:

I suppose I have a lot going on in this towel design-wise. But it does have some pop! Who needs a boring kitchen towel, right?

Be safe and well, friends.

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