Whig Roses on the loom

Hello, friends. It is lovely that you’re here. I hope all is well where you are. We’re into our second week of August and my goodness, the vegetable garden is looking rather shaggy. It happens.

The League of NH Craftsmen 87th Annual Fair has wrapped up and instead of being in a booth chatting with people in person, I chatted with people online via my Etsy shop or various social media platforms. It was nice to be able to check in with people I’ve seen for years every August, although it isn’t quite the same as having a face-to-face conversation. A lot of people I spoke with really missed going to the Fair at Mt Sunapee as it has been a tradition with them for, in some instances, nearly 40 or 50 years. People were taken by their parents to the Fair as children, and many now take their own children. I think that the Virtual Fair, while an adjustment for all of us, gave a lot of us an opportunity to engage in something familiar, which is something a lot of us crave right now. I am truly grateful for all of the encouragement and support I received from people who stopped in at my website, shop, or social media sites. It made for a very nice week.

Also very nice and still a little unreal for me, I won an award for my weaving!

Best in Wearable Fiber, Art Craft and Design, League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, 2020.
From the Art, Craft and Design Exhibition, 2020

I was truly stunned as I sat in on the awards presentation ceremony via Zoom this past Wednesday night and heard my name read. It is a great honor for me, and I am thankful for the sponsors who support this exhibition every year. I feel inspired to continue to “push” my weaving efforts and design process. I have some ideas already percolating.

For this week though, I am very pleased to be weaving something familiar, an overshot table runner in “Whig Rose.” Instead of the usual burgundy red or colonial blue pattern weft, though, this one will feature a silver grey pattern weft. Here is a snippet of what the final piece should look like:

Silver Whig Rose weaving

I may ever try a treadling variation on this warp and see how this would shape up as a potential new piece. Who know? It is always fun to shake things up a bit.

Be safe and well,

Kate K.

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