The Virtual Fair is underway!

Hello, friends. The League of NH Craftsmen’s 87th Annual Fair began August 1 and this year, because of complications related to the coronavirus, the event is being held virtually. 140 of my fellow craftsmen have set up websites to exhibit their work and, in many instances, have opened up their workspaces for visitors to tour online or are offering video demonstrations of their artistic process. I hope you’ll meander over to the League’s website, which is the main gateway into the shops for the Virtual Fair participants.

In between making preparations for the Virtual Fair and keeping the zucchini squash from taking over the kitchen, I’ve been working on various weaving projects. I finished up a few more waffleweave washing cloths in some new colors. Here they are!

Navy blue waffleweave washing cloth
Sage green waffleweave washing cloth

I have a few custom requests to work on after the Virtual Fair finished up on August 9. Custom work is always a most welcome opportunity for any artisan and I am no exception. Look for placemats, kitchen towels and overshot table runners to show up on the loom soon!

Since the fall art fair season is pretty much a no-go for me, it has allowed me to consider new projects and techniques. I can’t shake the “rug bug” that has been niggling me for a while. I also like the idea of developing a couple of more tabletop textiles that are slightly more contemporary in appearance. Here is a sneak peek of a design for a table runner (possibly placemats) that I’m calling “Learn Your Colors:”

“Learn Your Colors” design concept

If I develop the necessary basic rug weaving skills, I think that this design could possibly work well as a rug as well as a tabletop textile, provided the appropriate yarns were used. But, as with many things, I will take things one step at a time.

Hope you are all safe and well and enjoying your summer.


Kate K.

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