Weaving with the greener side of blue

Hello, friends. The waffleweave fabric is off of the loom and many new washing cloths are on their way to new homes.

I am so grateful to the people who have taken the time to find my work online and to support my efforts, especially given the current climate of uncertainty. I am sad to report that of all of the art shows that were on my calendar for this year, only one remains uncancelled, and there is no guarantee that this last one will come to fruition. Signing up to apply for shows later in the winter is also a gamble: application fees and booth fees are often steep and, as it the case with all of my cancelled shows, organizers “hold” paid 2020 booth fees to be applied toward 2021 shows. It seems best to keep things simple at this point.

Despite the changes in my calendar, I am continuing to weave in earnest. Diamond twill towels continue to be favorites! My inventory is disappointingly low so I am working hard to change this. Here is my newest kitchen towel underway:

Weaving on the greener side of blue

I wound warp chains of aqua, teal, bright green, colonial blue, and navy for these kitchen towels:

A teal-ish warp chain

I wound a rather lengthy warp for this run of cloth. Next up, I plan to weave towels in the “herb garden” colors that I have used in the past and “autumn leaves” will follow that. While one run of the towels is never quite the same as the last, here are photos of previous weavings:

We had temperatures in the thirties last night, which was slightly annoying but since we have the woodstove going again (yes, on June 1) I am hopeful that the loom won’t be as sticky as it was the other day with the high humidity and temperatures.

Thanks for checking in. Stay safe and well,

Kate K.

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