Double Orange Peel overshot work

Burgundy wine tabletop weaving

Since my return to Harrisvile, NH, I have resumed weaving that can best be accomplished on my floor loom. While I’m a fan of the rigid heddle loom for many reasons, weaving overshot on it is just not realistic (for me, anyway). I did a series of table runners that feature the traditional motif of “double orange peel” in navy blue and burgundy. The navy blue has a rich look to it, at least to my eye:

Navy blue tabletop textile

Since I like to mix things up a bit in terms of what I put on the loom, I’m working on something a bit simpler right now, waffleweave washing cloths. Even though many of my art shows have been cancelled for this year I have found that people are finding their way to my online shop, which is very nice, and the waffleweave dishcloths, along with kitchen towels, are finding new homes. I’ve been making these for years using the same yarns, colors, and method:

Waffleweave works!

In between weaving and general household activities, my husband and I are busy with our usual late May gardening activities, which is basically a nicer way of saying that we move composted sheep manure and dirt around the yard and dig out boulders and rocks out of places where we’d like to dig a post hole. We’ve also took down a large dead tree on our wood lot (i.e. a big mess) and are in the process of cutting that up and storing it. Finally, I had words with a very fat woodchuck this week who seemed to be taking up residence underneath our wood shed. I used my best “mom” voice and used a smattering of salty words to let him/her know that I meant business.

Thanks for stopping in, friends. Stay safe and well.

Kate K.

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