Fall is here!

Hello, friends. My goodness. My last post was in JULY! And here we are in September already. We had our first fire of the season in the woodstove last night; it was 34 degrees F in the morning here in Harrisville.

I have not been frittering away my days since the League of NH Craftsmen Summer Fair in August. Indeed, I have been at the loom nearly every day, with the exception of the occasional weekend day (where I was typically peddling my wares at a fine craft event). In the last two weeks I have woven nearly 30 yards of cloth. My neck and shoulders are telling me to slow down a bit! Kitchen towels, bookmarks, and washing cloths have been some of my more recent projects. Here is a peek at some of my latest items:

Sage green and unbleached cotton towels and dishcloth
Autumn leaf diamond twill

I have one more warp chain of nine-patch kitchen towels in the works; the finished towels will head to a couple of the LNHC Fine Craft Galleries that carry some of my pieces.

In the middle of gardening, weaving, canning, and getting two mostly-grown young men off to university in the fall, I have a new studio companion:

Here is Mr. Darcy, my little Fife canary:

Mr. Darcy loves raw sunflower seeds, cilantro, and lettuce

Mr. Darcy is a delight. He is a very tidy chap and never needs to be reminded to take a bath. He sings beautifully. I confess that I have become a crazy canary lady and have taken to sending videos of him singing and twittering and preening and bathing to my two sons and husband. They’ve been very generous, however, and have kept their concerns to themselves.

Well, that’s all for now. I have a fine craft event in Norwich, VT this Saturday and am making final preparations for that. Then I shall be looking forward to the Wool Arts Tour, to take place right here in the Monadnock Region on Columbus Day weekend. Stay tuned!

Be well,

Kate K.

PS: you may have noticed the watermarking on my product and process photos. There’s a story behind this, and unfortunately it does have to do with inappropriate use of my work BY AN ARTS ORGANIZATION. Alas! Isn’t it hard enough to be an artisan! Egads!

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