Diamond twill towel variations

Hello, friends. I am gearing up for September and October fine craft shows which means I have been working to replenish my inventory of diamond twill kitchen towels. The diamond twill towels were best sellers at the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair in August. Here is one version that I’ve just finished in time for this weekend’s Codman Estate Fine Art and Crafts Show:

Herb garden whole cloth.jpg
Herb garden diamond twill kitchen towel

This design is a favorite of mine to weave. It is really fun to come up with new color combinations for the warp. It is also a nice way to use up smaller amounts of unmercerized cottons from previous projects. Here is a “jewel tones” version that I am working on for a custom order today:

Jewel tones on loom.jpg
Jewel tones diamond twill kitchen towel

It seems that the colors shown here in the photo are not an entirely accurate representation of the yarns I selected so here is the rundown: the warp includes red, sapphire blue, purple, teal, and mauve (for an approximation of tourmaline). Next up is a color combination that I’m calling “Hot Pepper Mix.” (I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see how this one turns out).

Since returning from the Fair at Mt. Sunapee my husband and I have taken up a new activity:


Here is our new tandem kayak! We decided that part of our decision to relocate to the Monadnock region was so that we could enjoy all of the lakes, trails, and other outdoor recreation activities that the area has to offer. Here is a lovely view of Mt. Monadnock as seen from the middle of Harrisville Pond:

Mt. Monadnock as seen from Harrisville Pond

I figure that all of the paddling will help me maintain my upper body strength. We weavers need to be able to beat in that weft with energy and efficiency, right?

So long for now. Thanks for checking in!

Be well,

Kate K.

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