February weavings

Hello, weavers. I’m glad that you are here. How lovely. 😉

Both looms have seen some action this month. The LeClerc Nilus II almost always has a warp on it as it is my production loom, but I did manage to spend some time with the Schacht “Flip” rigid heddle the last couple of weeks and boy, what fun! I love working on this loom. It is so quiet and portable and just a no-nonsense piece of fiber art equipment. Here is a photo of how Flip looked recently:

Spring green and yellow weaving on the rigid heddle

I’ve just recently sent off a proposal for this weaving and so am not in a position to share much more other than I really hope that my project idea is accepted for publication. Fingers crossed.

The big loom had a lot of kitchen towels on it until just late last week. I have over 40 towels to hem now, which is a bit daunting. Several of the towels are headed to League of NH Craftsmen galleries soon, so I will tidy these up first. All of the kitchen towels were woven in a garden-themed color combination in point twill. Here is a photo:

Herb garden diamond twill kitchen towel

I reserved a few kitchen towels for my online shop and if you’re interested in learning more about these, please click here. Thank you!

This week I put on a relatively narrow warp for a tartan-ish fabric that I worked up with merino/tencel yarn. The fabric will work nicely for flask covers, which are also heading to League-affiliated galleries, and Christmas ornaments. And maybe a few other things, who knows. Here is what it looks like so far:

Flask fabric

I am really liking the way that these colors are playing together. It isn’t an official tartan but I would kind of like to give it a name. I have a tendency to name things. We call our hardworking wood stove “Mrs. Patmore,” one of our favorite characters from “Downton Abbey.” Mrs. Patmore worked very hard this weekend when the temperatures felt like -40F outdoors. Here she is:

Our “Mrs. Patmore”

That’s all for now. I’ve got a new overshot design in the works and hope to be able to share some photos of this soon. (And this already has a name, thanks to my husband, Don, who is always first to weigh in on such matters).

Happy weaving and be well,

Kate K.

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