Hanstock IV September 10, 2022, Hancock, NH

Hello, friends. Some new placemats are on their way to their new home this week. These were designed with a raspberry theme in mind:

Raspberry placemats

I used a point twill structure to weave these from 3/2 mercerized cottons. They’re reversible, too, which I think is a useful thing for placemats and other household items that stand to receive regular use.

Hanstock IV

This weekend I’m participating in a local event, “Hanstock IV.” This year’s Hanstock will be held in Moose Brook Park in Hancock, NH. There is an impressive lineup of musicians and food vendors. I’ll be bringing my usual lineup of kitchen towels and other handwoven housewares for your perusal. I’m also going to try something new and plan to have some pieces available for purchase on a “Pay What You Wish” (“PWYW”) basis. These items are not seconds. Some of the items are samples. Some are sets of placemats that only have two left. Some are older pieces that use patterns that I don’t plan to weave in the future or a color that is not available anymore. I’m going to ask that people try to pay for the PWYW items with cash if possible so that I can avoid additional credit card processing fees, which do tend to add up. I’ll let you know how this works!

Next up on the loom are some small warp faced rugs that I’m making for two reasons: 1) I’d like a good basis for measurements for future rugs and 2) my husband and I each need a little rug by the side of the bed as the wood floors will be chilly soon. Autumn is right around the corner here in New England! I’m happy with the design that I’ve worked up and will post pictures on Instagram as soon as I have something that looks like more than a bunch of threads.

Happy weaving!

Be well,

Kate K.

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