A new runner, Fair preparations

Hello, friends. I am happy to report that weaving with a skeleton tie-up when the humidity is high yielded good results. I worked on a short run of ripsmatta table runners using this tie-up approach (where 1 harness is tied to one treadle, not multiple harnesses). The number of sticky sheds was negligible. Hooray! Here are some pictures of the table runner while on the loom and after finishing:

Ripsmatta on the loom
Finished ripsmatta runner on our Hoosier cabinet

I hope to work on more ripsmatta pieces after the Fair. It is really fun to design with this weaving structure and despite the densely sett warp (this piece had approximately 400 ends sett at 30 epi), it is a pleasure to weave.

Buy tickets for the Fair online! Click here to purchase.

Tomorrow my husband and I will begin setting up the booth in Tent 1 at Mount Sunapee for the League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair, which will open to the public on August 6 and run through August 14. The old car is packed up with drapery supports, display racks, my fake wood floor, and lights:

A hard working old car

I have a few shawls and scarves to press before adding them to my inventory bin collection:

Towels, handbags, and table runners ready to go to the Fair

If you’d like to see how things are going at the Fair between Aug 6-14, please check out my photos and video clips on Instagram! I like to highlight the work of friends and colleagues at the Fair, too, on Instagram. You may just find a new favorite craftsperson there!

Be safe and well,

Kate K.

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