Winter weaving

Hello, friends. It has been a while since I’ve scribbled out a blog post; January has almost gotten away! I’ve been busy weaving, though, and planning for 2022. With just one loom and one set of hands/feet, it helps to try to have a bit of a schedule for what I hope to accomplish this year.

A lot of what I hope to accomplish this year has less to do with production (although I will still do a fair amount of that) and more to do with making time to explore some of the areas of weaving that really turn my crank. For example, I hope to continue to work on ripsmatta and have plans (and a draft!) for a rug for our home. I also plan to continue my work with overshot and colored warp effects. (One could say that I have a “thing” for two shuttle weaving).

Here are some photos of some recent weavings that I did between Christmas and the new year:

Rep weave placemats

Speaking of my Etsy shop, I’ve not been listing my one-of-a-kind items there for some time now. I would very much like to try to continue to use this platform to sell my overshot table runners, for example, but I’ve had chronic difficulties with unsavory websites pirating my photos and written content in an effort to hoodwink unsuspecting shoppers into paying for items that they do not sell. I’ve spent hours reporting these bogus online retailers to Google, the BBB, and the FTC. It is just a pain in the neck. Etsy has little interest in supporting small sellers like me (even though I’ve been there since 2008, well before Etsy became a publicly traded company with lots of money to spend on TV commercials and the like). I’ve had to adjust how I use the platform. It seems that if a shop listing has variations in it (where there are multiple colors or size options from which to choose) it may be more complicated or time-consuming to have this information copied and misused by another site. I still have my kitchen towels available on Etsy and my weaving patterns. For now, anyway.

The loom has kitchen towels on it this week. Here are some photos of the most recent diamond twill kitchen towels:

Purples and blues – on the loom

I did a fun custom order, too, recently, for a bunch of notecards. They turned out really nicely! Here is one of my favorites:

Notecard with handwoven fabric insert

That’s all for now. I’ve been working hard to get my studio shipshape, too, since the new year. I have some exciting news to share early next month so stay tuned. Woo!

Be well,

Kate K.

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