League of NH Craftsmen Annual Fair 2021

Hello, friends. It has been quite a while since my last post. I was away from my studio in during parts of June and July but have been working consistently for the last couple of weeks.

The League of NH Craftsmen Annual Fair is almost here. I will be exhibiting my work in person this year and am happy to say that I am back in “Tent 1” with many friendly colleagues. The Fair will be held August 7-15 up at Mount Sunapee (Newbury, NH).

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on recently:

Not quite plaid merino scarf in autumn colors
Not quite plaid merino scarf in teals and plum

The piece that I am weaving in teals and plum is a re-work of the shawl that I exhibited in the Art, Craft, and Design exhibit for 2020 (our virtual fair). I will have new designs and some old favorites at the 2021 Fair.

Many of my fellow colleagues display “artist statements” to introduce themselves to people who are interested in learning more about their background and work. I decided to do something a little different but hope that it will serve as an informative alternative to a written document. I’m calling it a “visual artist statement” and will have the clip running in my booth during the Fair. (There is no sound on the video.) Just click on the white triangle icon to start the story if you would like to watch:

You may have seen on one of the first slides an image of my family tree and a brief description of just a few of the people in my family who provided me with a foundation for appreciating and endeavoring to learn fine craft. My great-grandfather was a weaver and, as far as I know, the only other weaver in my family. My mother taught me to sew, as you may already know if you’ve been following along on my blog (please see this post from earlier in the year). My Dad, who passed away just weeks ago while I was visiting my parents in SC, was a craftsman. He was a chemical engineer by profession and was meticulous when it came to things like measuring and documenting. Dad was a boat builder. Here is a photo of him and one of his kayaks in process:

Dad in the garage working on a kayak

This kayak has an especially beautiful feature on it, an inlaid mariner’s compass. When I am in SC next I will be sure to take a photo of it so I can share it. It is a thing of beauty and worthy of study and reflection. My Dad was a quiet and thoughtful man and a loving and kind person. He is still helping me and others in our family who loved him to learn, and I expect this will continue. He is terribly missed.

So be safe and well, friends. And do take care.

Kate K.

4 thoughts on “League of NH Craftsmen Annual Fair 2021

  1. Dear Kate, I’m so very sorry to read about your Dad… Losing parents is never easy… What a beautiful legacy, though!
    I’ll look for you at the Fair. I’ll be there at TSATF on Monday, the 9yth, and Saturday, the 14th… and sometime in between to see the fair.
    Hugs and love to you and your family.


    1. Thank you so much, Ann. I appreciate your kind words. I hope to stop by TSATF on the weekends, when I will have my faithful booth assistant with me! Looking forward to seeing you and all of the other friendly faces we’ve missed! Take care, Kate K.


  2. Hi Kate Just been reading your post and thinking about the NH weaving exhibition. I have a friend who lives in West Lebanon who is a weaver and may be involved in the exhibition her name is Claudia Gibson. If you come across her it would be fun to say hello from me !! Many congratulations on your award that was great to see. I think you must have inherited your Dad’s attention to detail and meticulous approach to craft. Kindest best wishes Dorothy

    Dorothy Stewart Lockerbie DG11 2FH the.stewarts@btinternet.com



    1. How fun! What a small world we live in! I will be sure to look her up. We have so many great weavers and fiber artists in the League. I will be sure to pass along your good wishes to Claudia if we happen to cross paths! Happy weaving, Dorothy! – Kate K.


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