A big piece on a little loom

Hello, friends. I continue to reside in South Carolina with my parents, where I have been since March 9,  lending assistance to my parents who are navigating a serious health matter. In between grocery store runs, doctor appointments, and vigorous handwashing, I have been working on a rigid heddle loom.

My most recently  woven pieces were of a smaller nature (i.e. narrow width), but I decided to “go big” on my 20″ rigid heddle and put on a warp that pretty much filled the width of the reed. Here is a shawl that I’m working on using Harrisville Designs “Shetland,” sett at 10 epi. The colors here are “Toffee,” “Oatmeal” and “Natural.”

Flock warp chain
Warp chain on the rigid heddle. (Yes, I know the warp is not perfectly centered. Don’t report me to the weaving police!

The weaving is coming along. After 20 years of weaving on a floor loom, it has taken some time to adjust to a more relaxed weaving pace. I am using stick shuttles in my weaving; bringing a boat shuttle with bobbins and a winder would have put my large checked piece of luggage over the weight limit on JetBlue, and that would not do.

Flock shawl center panel on loom

I have learned to measure progress each day in terms of inches of woven cloth, not feet, as I would for my studio floor loom. And for now, this is fine.

Stay healthy, friends.

Be well,

Kate K.

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