Rethinking shows on the road

Happy November. It has been a very busy Fall. I scheduled a number of art shows this year, many of which were out of state and involved significant travel. Some of my events were at new venues, such as The American Craftsmen Show in Ridgefield, CT, and some took place closer to home.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that traveling long-distances to peddle my work is just not something I am willing to do anymore. Traveling to shows not only involves the costs associated with fuel expenses and wear and tear on the vehicle, it also involves food and lodging, and often a vacation day for my husband. It is physically exhausting. While many artisans seem to thrive on a jam-packed events calendar, I have concluded that I am not one of them. I am also fortunate in that I have ample opportunity to exhibit my work here in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire where the creation of fine craft has a long history and continues to be valued by the local populace.

For 2020, I plan to schedule events much closer to home. Reducing the number of hours spent traveling and the number of weekends away from home has so many advantages for me and for my family right now. I’ll get to spend more time at the loom and (hopefully) be able to carve out more time to garden, to kayak, and to enjoy everything that our community has to offer. I am hopeful that finding the right balance with all of this will have a positive effect on the energy I can put into designing new work.

(Gets off of soapbox…)

And now, back to the weaving! I’m working on some custom pieces right now which is a welcome change from the more production-oriented weaving that I’ve been doing. Here is a Whig Rose table runner (it will be a custom length, finishing at 6 feet). I love this classic design:

Whig Rose black.jpg
Whig Rose runner in black and ivory on the loom

Next up will be a custom bamboo scarf in black and lavender. (Yarn is on its way!) And then I will be trying out a new bookmark design that I’ve drafted. This new one will feature lots of color.

We had our first snow here in Harrisville last night. It is feeling more and more like winter and less like Fall.

Be well,

Kate K.

2 thoughts on “Rethinking shows on the road

    1. Hi, Donna! Thank you so much! I would love to participate in the Wool Arts Tour again and hope that I am again invited to do so! I plan to keep all of the shows that I’ve done in NH on the calendar for 2020, including the League of NH Craftsmen Fair in August. Many thanks & happy holidays! Kate K.


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