Overshot tabletop runners and butterflies for “Broke!”

Hello, friends. I’ve been prevented from doing serious work in our community garden plot due to unusually chilly temperatures and too much rain this week and so have been concentrating on a new overshot piece. Here is a photo of the cloth on the loom:

Wine and ivory overshot piece

The two sides of the runner are equally attractive (often a “problem” with overshot patterns). While I like the top side of the loom I’ve decided to have the underside of the cloth be the right side:

Moss green, soldier blue and burgundy wine

Hemming shall commence on these runners and they’ll be ready for the League of NH Craftsmen Summer Fair in August.

Coming soon! My first show of the season, the “Broke Arts” Fair in Peterborough, NH on June 8th. This is a super fun event, which is just one component of “The Thing in the Spring.” If you’re in the Peterborough/Keene area, be sure to check us out! I’ll be bringing along some of my handwoven notecards, bookmarks, kitchen towels, and a few other surprises to “Broke Arts.” Have you seen my notecards? Here is a sneak peek:

Butterfly notecard!

Happy May, friends.

Be well,

Kate K.

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